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Tech Dream is focused on developing lasting solution to challenges of the daily activities. We believe there are opportunities where there exist challenges and as such, we take into consideration the available skills and effort at our disposal and recruit the best solutions to identify the best step to take in resolving challenges.

We believe, with our aspirations and the knowledge we are focused on, we can become a technology company of the future. Hence, we envisage the establishment of a giant technology facility and become one of the best technology solution providers on the planet earth. We aim at exploring future opportunities, skills and important information in the field of technology to facilitate our response to problem solving.

Tech Dream takes into consideration problem identification and work on taking effective steps in founding the best tools and skills to aim at providing a long-lasting solution to curb the challenge at hand. Our problem-solving skills helps us to easily identify the most pressing demand of clients and work towards its successful solution.

Journey Was Started

How we got started


Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Tech Dream has benefitted from Microsoft for Startups founders hub supports


Total Startupper of the Year

The founder of Tech Dream Africa, Godfred Asibu Franklyn was listed in the top 100 Startuppers in Africa


FOYA Awards Nomination

The founder of Tech Dream Africa, Godfred Asibu Franklyn was nominated as Technology Entrepreneur of the Year in Founder of the Year Africa Awards



Tech Dream was founded officially on 4th November, 2018